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Vendor Spotlight!!! 📸Luke Pritchard Video and Photo📸

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Tonight we highlight one of our favorite photographers of 2020. As a DJ, photographers are the vendor we usually spend the most amount of time with. Having a DJ and photographer who take the time to coordinate and work together truly makes all the difference.

With that being said, tonight’s featured vendor is Luke Pritchard from Luke Pritchard Video and Photo. @lukepritchardphoto

We worked with Luke at one of our most memorable weddings of 2020. We were booked for this wedding only 3 days before the event due to the couple’s previous DJ backing out. We were so happy to be able to step in and help out. Even with only 72 hrs to prepare, the entire night went off without a hitch and we couldn't have done it without having such a great vendor team. Luke was so easy to work with and communicated so well with us. The whole night just went so smooth, and having someone experienced and knowledgeable to work alongside really does make the difference.

Here's what Luke had to say about his company:

"We are passionate about our clients and the projects that we create for them. Rain or shine we are there with a smile on our face. Overall we are just really cool dudes who love love and love cake."

You can check out more about Luke at the links below. Check back tomorrow for our next vendor spotlight!





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