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Photo Booth Rentals in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Why Choose

Nyte Owl Entertainment?

Experience, Guidance, and Exceptional Service


We are here to help!

We are here to guide you through the entire process. From our first conversation, to collecting all the most important information to create your perfect day, we follow through on every detail with extraordinary care. We focus not only on providing great music and entertainment but also a great experience.  


Detailed Planning

We utilize an online planning portal for access to all of our planning forms, making planning your wedding with us easier than ever. 


Always In Sync

We believe communication is critical. That's why we are sure to share information with you and also your other wedding professionals. We work to coordinate with your other vendors to ensure your day runs as smooth as possible.




We encourage you to ask any and all questions without hesitation. We truly are always "one call away". 





     I was introduced to the entertainment industry early on in life. Growing up, my dad hosted a weekly karaoke show and often brought me up on stage as a young child to sing with him. As a teenager, I began working for his company deejaying a wide variety of events - birthday parties, graduations, and formal events, eventually working my way up to weddings. Since then, I have worked at numerous bars, clubs, and other venues as a resident DJ.  I have performed at countless weddings, formals, and black tie events as well as business conventions and other corporate functions.


     In January 2020, I decided to take the leap and launch my own wedding entertainment company, creating Nyte Owl Entertainment. I pride myself in being prompt in communication, attentive to detail, and fully dedicated to each and every event that I am honored to be a part of. These things, combined with my extensive musical knowledge and ability to read a crowd has led to Nyte Owl Entertainment becoming one of the more sought after dj companies in the state in just over a year’s time. 

     My style of deejaying is not over-the-top but rather focuses on the quality of music, song selections, and services being delivered. I am not your cheesy/bad joke/awkward dj, nor will I be interrupting your event at every other song. My job is to provide crisp and clear announcements, coordinate with important milestones within the event (e.g. a wedding toast), ensure smooth transitions, and focus on the crowd to ensure the right music is being played at the right volume and at the right time. I also offer options for special effects and lighting to add that extra flare to your event. I continue to educate myself on the newest trends, latest technology, and other unique ways to enhance your wedding and create unforgettable moments. I coordinate with your other wedding professionals not only the day of your wedding but also beforehand to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible while still being prepared for any hiccups along the way.


     It is my goal to make sure you feel confident in knowing that when you are booking with me, you're not just booking someone with some speakers who plays music behind a table. You're booking a professional who knows what it truly takes to make your wedding a success, and is dedicated to making sure it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where Do You Perform? 

A. Really anywhere! We perform at events all over the state of Wisconsin as well as Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.


Q. Are You Insured?

A. Yes, Nyte Owl Entertainment is fully insured.


Q. Do You Play Other Events Than Weddings? 

A. Absolutely! While our primary focus is weddings, we have also performed at sweet 16s, mitzvahs, and corporate events, Our services are idea for any function where you desire an uncompromising DJ.


Q. What Is Your Style Of DJing?

A. I would describe my style of DJing as low-key interaction with a focus on the quality of music and service being delivered. I am not one of the “hype DJs” out there that is going to interrupt the music on every other song. What I do provide is crisp and clear announcements, coordinating with important milestones with an event (e.g. a Wedding toast) to ensure smooth transitions, and an acute focus on the crowd to ensure the right music being played at the right volumes at the right time. 


Q. How Does Nyte Owl Entertainment Coordinate The Event? A. As soon as you select Nyte Owl Entertainment, we will begin to coordinate with you, your vendors, your planner, and do everything to provide you as stress-free of a process as possible. This means making sure you are comfortable with the level of service we will provide for you, going over all the details to make sure we have all the necessary details, going over a final proposal, and any other details necessary to make your event successful.


Q. Do You Meet Face-to-Face, Email, Phone, Skype?

A. The answer is yes (to all four)! We will work with you via whichever method you are most comfortable with. 


Q. Do We Get A Contract?

A. Of course! A contract protects both parties. Our contracts are straight-forward with no nonsense. 


Q. Do You Have Backup Equipment?

A. Yes, we do. Having a backup is critical to ensure that your event has no unplanned interruptions.


Q. Do You Have A Backup DJ?

A. Yes, if for some reason I am unable to perform on the day of your event, I will ensure a high-quality wedding DJ will be in place for you.


Q. Can I Request A Song? 

A. Most definitely! You can build your request list through the online Planning Portal that we offer, and we will do everything we can to take requests at your event. Typically we prefer our clients to request around 20 songs for the evening. This allows us to learn about the music you like (and dislike) and we can shape the rest of the music with that as the foundation.

Want To Know More?

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